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Xcel Laser, LLC




At XCEL Laser, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality equipment that you can depend on for your manufacturing needs.

We understand the manufacturing industry, the uses of laser photonics equipment, and the variety of questions you may have utilizing laser technology. XCEL Laser has extensive experience working directly with the manufacturing process, and as a result, rigorously tests all products so we know they will meet your expectations.

Our Products

With Unmatched Precision, Laser Welding Is Easy To Learn, Energy Efficient, And Remarkably Fast Compared To MIG And TIG Welding.

For Environmentally Friendly, Non-contact Cleaning And Surface Prep, Laser Cleaning Systems Help You Achieve Amazing Results In Rust Removal And Material Preparation.

Maximize Efficiency And Precision In Your Manufacturing Process By Using Laser Technology For Your Sheet Metal Cutting Needs.

Why XCEL Laser?

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Our parent company MFR Manufacturing Corp, has been manufacturing architectural metal products for over 30 Years. Over the years MFR developed and incorporated laser technology into its production processes. Xcel Laser was born out of the neccesity of needing a knowledgable supplier of laser equipment, service and training. In other words, we at Xcel Laser are using the machines we are building on a daily basis. How else can you get better real life experience?

At XCEL Laser, We’re Dedicated To Providing You with Equipment and Services based on Real Life Use Experience and Knowledge. 

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Our Advantages

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Experience The Power Of Laser Technology

Laser Technology And Photonics Present Superior Alternatives To Conventional Welding, Cleaning And Cutting Techniques. At Xcel Laser, We Specialize In Cutting-edge Laser Photonics Solutions Tailored For The Metal Manufacturing Industry.

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Maximize Your Productivity With XCEL Laser Welding Systems

With Xcel Laser, You Can Achieve Maximum Productivity And Efficiency In Your Manufacturing Operations. Our Industry-leading Laser Technology Systems Are Up To 4 Times Faster Than Tig Welding, Delivering Consistent, High-quality Results Across A Diverse Range Of Materials.


Explore Our Range Of Laser Solutions

From Welding Thin Aluminum To Achieving Precision Cutting, Xcel Laser Offers The Lightest And Most Compact Handheld Welders On The Market. Our Truly Portable Designs Ensure Flexibility And Convenience Without Compromising On Performance.

XCEL Laser Is An Authorized Service Center, Stocking Center,  And Parts Distributor For MAX PHOTONICS Products.


Our Benefits And ROI


Our Benefits And ROI

Fiber Laser Equipment has become affordable for main stream applications. It has been utilized for many years at large OEM manufacturing facilities such as automobile production. In addition the latest generations of fiber laser machines are now easy to use and do not require any special maintenance.

There actual maintenance and cost of ownership is lower as compared to traditional equipment. Laser welding is about 4x faster as TIG or MIG welding. Laser cleaning does not require any consumables such as blasting media or sanding discs and is faster. Laser cutting is precise and eliminates the need for additional steps such as parts cleanup.