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Xcel Laser, LLC


Laser Cleaning Equipment

Benefits of laser Cleaning

No Consumables Required

Laser cleaning does not require any consumables, such as sanding discs, blasting media, grinding discs or chemicals. This translates in time and money savings. No switching sanding discs. No sweeping up or filtering blast media. No chemical cleaners to buy.

Environmentally Friendly

A Superior Alternative To Methods Like Sandblasting Or Washing, As It Eliminates The Need For Consumable Chemicals And Materials.

No Mechanical Contact

Laser Cleaning And Laser Ablation Is A Non-contact Form Of Cleaning. It Means No Physical Impact To The Materials. No Wear On Items Like Casting Molds. No Grinding Marks. This Results In A Greatly Reduced Physical Effort And Fatigue For The User.

Minimal Thermal Impact

Laser Cleaning Does Not Require High Heat Input Such As Burning Off. The Thermal Impact Is Minimal Preventing Material Fatigue And Distortion.

Increased Productivity

Laser Ablation Is Considerably Faster And More Consistent Than Other Traditional Methods. In Addition There Is No Time Needed To Change Blasting Media, Sanding Discs Or Chemicals. And With That Much Less Cleanup Time Overall.


Laser Cleaning Is Often Used By Art Restoration Experts. The Laser Settings Can Be Adjusted To Gently Remove Only Certain Layers Of Paint Or Contaminents From Paintings, Sculptures And Other Art Work.